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The EPC Ukraine DX Contest - 2013 edition


On 7-8 December 2013 will take place the EPC Ukraine DX Contest organized by the Ukrainian section of the European PSK Club.



Duration: 7 December 20.00 UTC - 8 December 19.59 UTC.

Bands: 80, 40, 20, 15, 10 meter bands

Mode: BPSK63

Categories: SOAB-24 (24 hours), SOAB-12 (12 hours), SOLF (80, 40 meters), SOHF (20, 15, 10 meters), MOST (allbands, one Tx)



Complete rules and detailed informations:

http://ut7fp.kiev.ua/2010epc-ukr-dx/EPC Ukraine_eng.html